• What type of event is your specialty?

      Over the past several years Schnob Disc Jockey Services has performed at several weddings, parties, school dances, charity events and corporate events.  Schnob Disc Jockey Services is able to adjust the music and the set up to your specific needs.  We will make an appointment to get together and discuss your ideas and visions for your event.  Schnob Disc Jockey Services will create the atmosphere that you desire!

      Email Schnob Disc Jockey Services!

    • What does the basic DJ package include? What are my add-on options?

      The basic DJ package for Schnob Disc Jockey Services includes:
      Wireless Handheld Microphone
      Wired Microphone
      15,000+ Licensed Songs
      Licensed Disc Jockey
      Laser Light Show with Water Based Fog
      Travel 50km from Arnprior, Ontario (based on Google Maps)

      Some Add-ons include:
      Additional Travel
      Wireless Lapal Microphone
      Bubble Machine (not recommended indoors)
      Projector (screen and laptop not included)
      Generator (for places without access to electricity)

      Please note that items may change without notice.

    • Can I see Schnob Disc Jockey Services in action before booking?

      Sure!  Schnob Disc Jockey Services hosts many public events during the year.
      Check out Schnob Disc Jockey Services' Facebook Calendar to see if there is anything coming up that you may be interested in attending:

      Facebook Calendar (Schnob Disc Jockey Services)

    • Why do I have to sign a contract?

      A contract protects The Customer and The Disc Jockey.  A contract will outline exactly what you expect for your big event and gives you the freedom to enjoy your event with the peace of mind knowing that the responsibilities of Schnob Disc Jockey Services have been carefully planned ahead of time.  A written contract takes the guess work out of things! 

    • Do you require a deposit?

      Yes.  After we determine your specific needs and create a custom package for your event, a 25% deposit is required.
      The deposit is non-refundable and not transferable to another location or for times other than those stated in the contract.
      The sole purpose of the deposit is for reserving the agreed times and location only.

    • What do you require the day of the event?

      Schnob Disc Jockey Services requires that the venue being used be open and available for setup a minimum of 1.5 hours in advance for the purpose of setting up and sound balancing.  A suitable electrical outlet, six to eight foot table and chair must be made available to the arrival of The Disc Jockey.

    • What if the event is outdoors?

      If the event is held outdoors, The Customer is responsible for providing adequate shelter from the elements for The Disc Jockey.
      Schnob Disc Jockey Services understands that outdoor locations may not have access to an electrical outlet.
      In these scenarios, a $200 fee is added to the total cost to provide a generator and gasoline.

    • Can Schnob Disc Jockey Services provide music and sound for the ceremony too?

      Yes, of course!  We will meet prior to your big day to discuss all the services that you require.

    • How can I make sure that Schnob Disc Jockey Services will have all of my special songs and play them at my event?

      Schnob Disc Jockey Services has tens of thousands of songs that are updated regularly.  You can count on Schnob Disc Jockey Services to have all the hits!  If you have a special song (or multiple songs) that you want to make sure are played at your event, simply let Schnob Disc Jockey Services know your list ahead of time and The Disc Jockey will make sure they are available for your event.